Transforming our generation of the youth to true leaders through Godly Kingdom values and sending them forth as ambassadors of Christ for change in Africa and the world.


Developing and nurturing talents and potential among the youth by exposure to programs and forums to exercise them such as community involvement


“Transforming Generations, Rebuilding Nations.”

Transforming Generation, Rebuilding Nations” is vision of SAM Africa. on this basis the new generation scholarships was established to support university/college students with financial difficulty in pursuing the academic achievement and who understand the Gospel and share the vision of the Kingdom of God.

About Scholarships

The scholarship program desires the beneficiaries to become leaders in their area of profession and they will later be a source of hope to the next generation. Through this scholarships a generation who want to achieve Gods dream will arise continually.

Application for 2020 academic year now Closed.

Thank you and be blessed.

1. Experience with SAM Programs
2. Minimum average grade of B for previous semesters
3. Must be enrolled in a university/college for one year or more.
4. Student’s parent or guardian’s yearly income must not exceed one semester’s tuition fee.
5. Must be between 17 years and 35 years.
6. The Eligible people for schollarship are Undergraduate students.

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